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Planning - Natural Resources Inventory

Natural Resources Inventory

A Natural Resources Inventory is a document that inventories the natural resources of an area, collects the data in a usable format and interprets the findings. While an inventory of a single parcel of land might be quite specific and detailed, a county wide Natural Resources Inventory is, by necessity, more generalized.

The primary purpose of this Natural Resources Inventory is to provide data that can form a basis for municipal and county planning; it provides basic data for the preparation of plans, information to review proposed development plans, and data to assist in completing environmental assessment forms. It also provides a compendium of facts about the County for general information.

In 2000, the Tompkins County Planning Department published a Natural Resources Inventory for the County, which includes maps and descriptions of various resources such as wetlands, flood hazard areas, slopes, soils, bedrock and surficial geology, and protected lands.

View an interactive map that enables users to query, locate and analyze a variety of natural resources within Tompkins County. You will be prompted to download Silverlight Plug-in to use this software. This is required to use this online mapping application.

To download the entire published document, Natural Resources Inventory, click here
[66 pages including maps and bibliographies (PDF, 7.9mb)]

Or to download each section individually:

PDF Hydrological Resources
(PDF, 1.71 mb)

PDF Land Resources
(PDF, 1.7mb)

PDFEcological Resources
(PDF, 660 kb)

PDFLandscape Analysis Resources
(PDF, 3.7mb)