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Personnel Benefits

2021 White Collar Contract Tentative Agreement on Health Insurance Related Changes - Zoom Webinar Recordings 08/10/2021 and 08/12/2021

The links below will take you to recordings of the Zoom Webinars hosted on 08/10/2021 and 08/12/2021 regarding the proposed health insurance related changes in the White Collar contract tentative agreement to be voted on by membership shortly.

08/10/2021 Webinar Link Enter Passcode (copy code, then paste after clicking link): PbH#m5NS

08/12/2021 Webinar Link Enter Passcode (copy code, then paste after clicking link): WY7.^MHk

Which should I watch?

  • The 08/10/2021 webinar was shorter and more streamlined with fewer questions, but questions were more directly related to the items in the tentative contract. Note: There is a minor technical difficulty in the middle of the presentation and audio breaks up slightly near the end.
  • The 08/12/2021 webinar was longer with more questions which pertained to a variety of benefits topics rather than focusing solely on the items in the tentative contract.

Benefit Forms


Appendix A - Request for Flexible Work Schedule Form

Appendis B - Flexible Work Schedule Agreement


Appendix A - Request for Telework Arrangements

Appendix B - Employee Assessment for Telework Suitability Form

Appendix C - Telework Agreement

Appendix D - Telework Weekly Log