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Complaint Process

The Tompkins County Office of Human Rights offers telephone or in-office consultation regarding questions of rights, disputes, and alleged violation of anti-discrimination laws. Confidentiality is protected. Any individual who resides or works in Tompkins County may use these services without a fee.



Explanation of Referrals

Non-Complaint Referral: It may be that your allegation does not fall under our jurisdiction. In addition, at any point in the process it may become apparent that you should be referred to another agency or non-profit organization. In these instances, the OHR will try to provide you with the most appropriate referral. There are several examples of the agencies we might refer you to here.

Pre-Complaint Conciliation Program: Wherever possible, the Office of Human Rights attempts to resolve complaints of discrimination through conciliation. In the Pre-Complaint Conciliation program (PCC), OHR conciliators will attempt to resolve the complaint to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. The PCC program is a voluntary and confidential process.

Referral to State or Federal Agency: If your allegation has met the legal threshold for filing a complaint, OHR staff will assist you in filing it with the apporpriate State or Federal agency.