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Human Rights Commission Advisory Board

Tompkins County Human Rights Commissioners:

Njoku Awa
Kathy Bergen
Gladys Brangman
Jo Carcich 
Kathy Jett 
Amos Malone 
Jessie Mancilla
Larry Roberts
Peyi Soyinka-Aierewele
Ruth Yarrow


Apply to join the Human Rights Commission

Residents interested in serving on the Human Rights Commission are encouraged to submit applications at any time.

In recruiting new Commissioners, the Legislature will be looking for members who are active in the community and who possess demonstrated experience and knowledge in subject matter areas such as civil rights advocacy, disability, women’s rights, housing, and unlawful discrimination.  Applicants must be residents of Tompkins County.  Commissioners (15 members in all) are appointed by the Tompkins County Legislature to serve 3-year terms.

In making appointments to the Commission, the Legislature will be taking into consideration various factors in an effort to develop a uniquely vibrant and fully functioning body that is representative of all of Tompkins County and all its wonderful diversity.

HOW TO APPLY:  If you would like to apply to serve on the Human Rights Commission, please fill out the County Advisory Board application: Human Rights Commission Application Form.  A fill-able .pdf and further information about County Boards can be found here.