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Tompkins County Road Projects

The road program oversees construction, maintenance, and repair of 302 miles of the roads in Tompkins County.

"Road Project"

Major road construction & design plans include:

Ellis Hollow Road - Town of Ithaca
East Hill Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project - Town of Ithaca
Station Road Stream/Culvert Restoration Project - Town of Danby
2019 Tompkins County Paving Projects - Various Towns
2019 Tompkins County Chip Seal Projects - Various Towns


Ellis Hollow Road, Town of Ithaca

Type:  Pavement reconstruction between Pine Tree Road and Dodge Road with drainage upgrades between Game Farm Road and Dodge Road

Project Status:  Phase 3 (Pine Tree Road to Game Farm Road) in Planning/Design, Phase 4 (Game Farm Road to Dodge Road) in Construction

Schedule: Phase 4 Summer 2019, Phase 3 Summer 2020

Location / Section:  Pine Tree Road to Dodge Road



East Hill Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project, Town of Ithaca

REQUEST FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS: Public comment is requested with regard to proposed safety improvements (improved crosswalk features) on Ellis Hollow Road, east of Pine Tree Road.  The main feature is installation of a Rapid Flashing Safety Beacon and ladder type crosswalk pavement markings. 

Purpose of Announcement 

The purpose of this announcement to communicate the planned improvements developed from a study and preliminary design for improvements on Pine Tree Road. The study concluded with improvements to the existing mid-block pedestrian and bicycle crossing located 200 feet east of the Pine Tree Road intersection on Ellis Hollow Road. The primary work elements for this project include replacement of mid-block crosswalk signs with a solar powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB), including the realignment of a 20 foot section of the paved trail on the north side of Ellis Hollow to divert pedestrians and bicycles from entering the MIrabato business. A high visibility ladder bar style crosswalk will also be installed under a separate project. 

All comments and recommendations on this project will receive consideration and will be used to finalize the County’s design of the project.  Written comments may be presented to the Highway Department by email to no later than August 14, 2020. 

Project Background 

The project originated as a study of vehicles and pedestrian crossings on Pine Tree Road and Ellis Hollow Road. This project was initiated by Tompkins County to address the mobility and safety on these County Roads at this intersection with Pine Tree Road and Ellis Hollow Road. 

Project Objectives

The primary objective of this project is to improve driver awareness and pedestrian safety (for pedestrians and bicycles) crossing Ellis Hollow Road near this intersection with Pine Tree Road. See information for RRFB at 

Design Alternatives 

Only one design alternative is under consideration, which is the installation of an RRFB and realignment of the adjoining trail away from the Mirabato commercial driveway.  This alternative will address the project objectives and: 

  • Improve the safety alerting motorists of a mid-block pedestrian/bicycle crossing
  • Improve safety of pedestrians and bicycles crossing Ellis Hollow Road by installing trail signage and detectable warning units meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
  • Redirect pedestrians and bicycles e crossing away from the MIrabato driveway

Project Cost

The approximate construction cost is $60,000.  Funding is 80% Federal reimbursement and 20% County.  

Project Schedule

This project is currently scheduled for design completion in the fall of 2020, bidding in the fall of 2020, with construction in fall of 2020 or spring of 2021.  Construction duration is expected to be one month.


Location / Section:  Ellis Hollow Road approximately 200 feet east of Pine Tree Road



Station Road Stream/Culvert Restoration Project, Town of Danby

Type:  Replacement of two culverts and restoration of approximately 1,500 feet of stream bed to facilitate drainage.

Project Status:  Planning/Design

Schedule:   Summer 2020

Location / Section:  NYS Route 96 and Railroad Tracks



2019 Tompkins County Paving Projects, Various Towns

Type:  Pavement Reconstruction

Project Status:  Construction Active

Schedule:  Summer/Fall 2019

Locations:  Black Oak Road - Town of Enfield - NYS Route 79 to Connecticut Hill Road - Complete

Connecticut Hill Road - Town of Enfield - Black Oak Road to Rumsey Hill Road - Complete

Vankirk Road - Town of Newfield - Irish Hill Road to Tioga County Line - Complete

Brooktondale/Valley Roads - Town of Caroline - NYS Route 79 to Boiceville Road - Hot-In-Place Recycling Complete, Paving to Follow

West Miller Road - Town of Danby - NYS Route 96B to Comfort Road - Paving Summer 2019

Jersey Hill Road - Town of Danby - Comfort Road to West King Road - Paving Summer 2019

West Dryden Road - Town of Dryden - Sheldon Road to Lansing Town Line - Complete

Salt Road - Town of Groton - NYS Route 222 to Stevens Road - Complete

West Groton Road - Towns of Groton and Lansing - VanOstrand Road to Cobb Street - Complete

Cobb Street - Town of Dryden - NYS Route 34 to Groton Town Line - Complete

Asbury Road - Towns of Lansing and Dryden - West Dryden Road to Scofield Road and Armstrong Road to North Triphammer Road - Compete

Jerry Smith Road - Town of Lansing - NYS Route 34B to Lansingville Road - Paving Summer 2019

Newfield Depot Road - Town of Newfield - NYS Route 13 to Adams Road - Paving Summer 2019

Jacksonville Road - Town of Ulysses - NYS Route 96 to Agard Road - Paving Summer 2019

Podunk Road - Town of Ulysses - Perry City Road to Waterburg Road - Paving Summer 2019

Perry City Road - Town of Ulysses - Dubois Road to NYS Route 89 - Paving Summer 2019

Hartford Road - Town of Caroline - NYS Route 79 to Tioga County Line - Completed



2019 Tompkins County Chip Seal Projects, Various Towns

Type:  Chip Seal

Project Status:  Construction Complete

Schedule:  Summer 2019

Locations:  Old 76 Road - Town of Caroline - Buffalo Road to Speedsville

Midline Road - Town of Caroline - NYS Route 79 to Irish Settlement Road

South Danby Road - Town of Danby - NYS Route 96B to Tioga County Line

North Road - Town of Dryden - NYS Route 13 to Fall Creek Road

Ringwood Road - Town of Dryden - NYS Route 13 to Ellis Hollow Creek Road

Sheffield/Krums Corners Roads - Towns of Enfield, Ithaca, and Ulysses - Hayts Road to NYS Route 96

Stevens Road - Town of Groton- Champlin Road to McLean-Cortland Road

Dubois Road - Towns of Ulysses and Ithaca - NYS Route 96 and Perry City Road