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Types of Permits and Contact Procedures:

All work within or adjacent to a County Highway requires a permit from TCHWY.

Please read your responsibilities for working within the Highway right-of-way and insurance requirements.

For additional permit information, call Permit Coordinator, at (607) 274-0300

or email us at:

1. Construction

A. Highway Work Permit - All work within 25' of the centerline of the road requires a permit. Fee based on fee worksheet.

B. Construction Permit FEE Worksheet - Lists the fees for various types of projects in the highway right-of-way.

C. Private / Non-commercial Driveway Permit - For installation or replacement of driveway entrances

Property owner - Permit Fee $100.00  ( refundable $2,000.00 Security Deposit  )

D. Driveway / Entrance Paving Permit - For paving or resurfacing of private/non-commercial driveways. Fee $25.00

E. Driveway Maintenance - No permit is required for regular owner maintenance and repairs.

2. Hauling

A. Non-Divisible Hauling Permit - Overwidth, greater than 8'6" wide. Per move, specific route (i.e. mobile home, modular units). Fee $25.00/unit

B. Non-Divisible Hauling Permit - Overwidth, greater than 8'6" wide. Annual per vehicle blanket. Valid on all Tompkins County highways (i.e. construction, farm machinery). Fee $100.00

C. Overweight Hauling Permit - Annual, route specific. County stamp applied to NYS overweight permit. Fee $10.00