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Fill out your 2020 census online today

The 2020 US Census is underway below is the current response rate for Tompkins County (we can do better).



Below is a list of most requested census related maps. Please be aware that these are based on 2000 Census. For more info on the 2010 Census check here external link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Readerpdf link to Open and Print these maps. Remember to "fit to printable area." Printer

census_popleFor Redistricting Information (based on 2000 census) and 2011 stats by block for Tompkins County check out the Tompkins County redistricting site. Tabular stats can be found on the Planning Census Site.

Downloadable  data such as: tracts, blocks and block groups for 2010 Census can be found on the Tompkins County Open Data Portal

Efforts are underway for the 2020 Census Count. View the new census site here.