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Finance Department


(DECEMBER 18, 2020) Tompkins County is being responsive to COVID-19 including distancing and face covering in our facilities - for the finance department, please see the following details:

 Tompkins County Finance Department:

  • Will be open 8:30-4:30 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY With limited "social distancing space" in the Treasury Division and to keep our customers & staff safe, we can only accommodate approximately 16 appointments per day.  We would like to STRONGLY encourage everyone to make their payment through the US Mail, using our locked drop-box or online payment system.                                                                                                                             
  • If you need help with any services, please email: or call Treasury 607-274-5545 or Accounting 607-274-5544
  • Property Tax Payments may be completed online at  Please email for detailed instructions: We also now have a BLACK Locked Drop Box located to the LEFT of our outside door at: Tompkins County Finance Office, 125 East Court St., Ithaca, NY.  All checks can be made payable to: Tompkins County. If you prefer to not have your check left overnight, please have it in by 4:15pm

  • Residency certificates can be requested on line at Application for Certificate Of Residence

The Finance Department, overseen by Finance Director Rick Snyder, has three divisions.

Treasury Division - Responsible for receipt and custody of all County funds; coordinates investments of County resources; administers the hotel room occupancy tax; maintains tax rolls and provides tax searches and copies of tax bills; responsible for enforcement of delinquent property taxes for Town, County and School taxes; issues certificates of residency for attendance at community colleges; custodian for court and trust funds. Phone: 607-274-5545.

Accounting Division - Maintains financial records of the County; audits and processes all payments; coordinates issuance of bonds to finance capital projects; prepares annual financial report. Phone: 607-274-5544.

Purchasing Division - Coordinates public bidding in accordance with state requirements. Phone: 607-274-5500.