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Emergency Notifications

Tompkins County has implemented SwiftReach’s Swift911™ alerting system.
Swift911™ will allow us to alert our entire community or specific areas within Tompkins County with emergency messages and provide information on how to take action. Tompkins County, the City of Ithaca, Towns, and Villages may use Swift911™ to notify citizens about floods, fires, water emergencies, road closures, missing persons, evacuation orders, and weather emergencies.

All published phone numbers have already been uploaded into the system; however, many of our community members are not in the system because they have unlisted, unpublished or cell phone numbers. It is important for residents, employees, and business owners to provide and update their contact information to ensure emergency information can be passed on to everyone in a timely matter.

There are several ways to opt-in and provide contact information or change the current information we have for you:

Swift911™ Web Portal

Simply click on the Swift911™ link/logo below to be redirected to the secure Swift911™ Web Portal. Please follow the instructions to provide your information.

Register for Swift911 alerting system

Swift911™ Public App

To install the Swift911™ Mobile App on your mobile device, simply text “Swift911” to “99538”.  You will receive a response with a link for the Swift911™ Public App within your app store.  This app is free and available on most Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones.  Once the app is installed, simply follow the instructions to provide your information.


Alternative Methods

You may also register by contacting the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response, at (607) 266-2633, or

Remember, we can only alert you of an emergency, or inform you of important happenings, if we have your correct contact information, so please sign up today and ensure your contact information is kept up-to-date.